Pictures of the FUNY booth at the 2006 Westcott Street Fair.

The fair was held on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  The weather was perfect, and thanks to a lot of hard work from the FUNY volunteers, we met lots of new people, handed out gobs of literature, sold a bunch of stuff, made new contacts and otherwise had a great time...

Pic 1
Clifford during the setup Sunday morning

The booth during setup Sunday morning ( before the crowds showed up)

Clifford & Phil figure out item placment during setup

People just starting to appear

Brian, Clifford and Nathan man the booth. 
The attempt at showing "The God That Wasn't There" begins

Clifford, Nathan, Jess & Phil sell things, and answer questions

Just some of the items that were available at the booth

.... And still MORE items that were available!

Stay tuned for more FUNY events.....