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All of the answers for the first two quizzes can be found--word for word--in the New International Version of the Bible (NIV) unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions or comments about these quizzes, please post them to [this thread] in T. H. Mitchell's LiveJournal.

Available Quizzes:

1) The Old Testament of the Bible (50 questions)

2) The New Testament of the Bible (50 questions)

Coming Soon Eventually:

3) The Deuterocanonical books of the [Catholic] Bible (50 questions)

4) The Koran (50 questions)

5) The Book of Mormon (50 questions)

About these quizzes:

1) They're really cool. :)

2) These quizzes were designed for people who prefer immediate feedback when taking a quiz. Every time you select an answer, you will be notified--in a 2nd browser window--if you answered the question correctly or not (accompanied with the appropriate Scripture). If you're strange, and you'd prefer not to know any answers until the end of the quiz, you can simply minimize this 2nd browser window and wait till the end of the quiz. (At the end, a printable list of all of the answers is available).

3) Each question is disabled after an answer is chosen. To enable the question again (and choose something different), you either have to finish the quiz and restart it again, or just refresh your browser.

Technical Stuff:

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