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How Could Humanists Not Value Human Life?
Clifford Jun 2, 2004 Syracuse Post Standard

Keep all religion out of the school
Tim Fake Mar 26, 2003 The Daily Gazette

Reponse to Billy Graham
Clifford Jan 6, 2003 Syracuse Post Standard

Reponse to Billy Graham
Clifford Dec 10, 2002 Syracuse Post Standard

Reponse to Billy Graham
Clifford Nov 14, 2002 Syracuse Post Standard

The Pledge Decision
Alice Mitchell Jul 2, 2002 The Daily Gazette

Pledge Decision Good for America
Doug Schiffer

The Gift of a Wise Man
Janet L. Factor

The Birth of God

Why God Belief is Bad for Workers .....
Doug Schiffer

Review of "The Jesus Mysteries"

Debate Notes for RIT Debate

Beating Children for Jesus?
Doug Schiffer

The Big, Bad Yehwah
Tim Fake and John Bateholts

Responses to Some of Our Critics
Doug Schiffer

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